Sectors We Serve

Oil and Gas

We help navigate all phases of Alberta’s regulatory environment. In addition to being experts in the regulatory process, we have specialized knowledge in wetlands, wildlife, vegetation, soils, and forests.

Indigenous Communities

We help a number of First Nation and Métis communities across Alberta manage their spatial data associated with traditional land-use and ecological knowledge.

Private Landowners

We help private landholders determine the feasibility of pursuing carbon offset revenue through the assessment of different management scenarios by comparing the results of timber supply and carbon budget modelling.


We work with a range of government agencies to manage their spatial data for the specific programs that they provide.

Sand and Gravel

We help clients with their exploration, development, and reclamation needs. Our professionals have completed hundreds of projects on public and private land throughout Alberta.


We provide environmental regulatory planning and inspection services to Alberta’s pipeline industry. Our team has worked on some of the largest and most high-profile pipeline projects in Canadian history.

Electrical Utilities

We provide environmental inspection services to transmission line construction projects throughout Alberta. Our team works hard to ensure that our clients obtain the environmental regulatory permits they need.


Our diverse team of professional foresters, agrologists, biologists, and GIS analysts help our clients with forest planning, land-use operations, geographic information systems, and silviculture.

Experienced and Trusted

For 14 years, clients have trusted us to consistently deliver high-quality service and cost-effective solutions.

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Experienced professional planners, foresters, biologists, technologists, and consultants.

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