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We ensure our clients’ environmental impacts are reduced while their business goals are achieved.

Our in-house experts have decade’s worth of experience in navigating Alberta’s environmental regulatory environment. We have built a team of professionals with specialities in soils, vegetation, wetlands, wildlife, forests and GIS that work together to ensure our clients projects are properly planned and move through the regulatory process smoothly. We bring together expert scientific knowledge, coupled with high resolution data-based GIS analysis to develop innovative solutions to help our clients.

Environmental Consulting Services

Our expert staff help our clients to identify the limiting factors to reclamation, and then to develop and oversee reclamation plans to ensure your sites are reclaimed to meet provincial standards. With expert knowledge of soils, vegetation, wetlands and forests, our team of professionals have the knowledge to ensure your site is reclaimed in a cost-effective manner.

Our staff have expertise with classifying soils, and identifying soils features that impact the development and reclamation of your project sites. From identifying soil horizons, assessing texture, to using the Von Post decomposition scale, to assessing pH and conductivity, our professionals can analyze the soils and determine a prescription on how your project should proceed.

Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial data analysis is integral to making wise and well-informed decisions, based on data, not hunches. GIS allows you to overlay various data sets to assess, understand, question, interpret and visualize spatial data. This is instrumental in delineating relationships and ultimately revealing patterns and trends.

Spatial Data Management

A spatial data management system maximizes the value of GIS, enabling managers to make quicker and more confident decisions. As the volume of location-based data continues to grow exponentially, a lot of time and money is invested in creating and collecting data. Without effective spatial data management, much of this data could be lost or inaccessible to future projects.


An effective map conveys accurate information and communicates exactly what you need — and no more. Excellent maps are not only accurate and up to date, they clearly display the right information you need in the format that works best for your situation. Never again be on site with missing data or features, or overly complex or inaccurate maps.

Environmental inspection is critical to effective construction of pipeline, powerline, roads and mines. Inspection programs evolve from baseline studies and environmental protection plans and must consider regional and seasonal characteristics.

Supervision of field activities and proactive responses to environmental impacts are essential to good environmental inspection programs. Our professional and technical staff can provide a wide range of monitoring and assessment services, as well as production of maps and reports to assist our Client’s needs and interests.

Working within the First Nations and Metis Consultation guidelines, our staff work with our clients to help build lasting and meaningful relationships with communities. From helping to establish the relationship, to learning about and incorporating traditional ecological knowledge into our plans, our staff work closely with our clients and the communities to foster a trusting relationship.

We help these sectors

Oil and Gas

We help our oil and gas clients with site/route selection, pre-construction site assessments, preparing regulatory documents, and navigating the regulatory environment.

Sand and Gravel

Our team of environmental experts help our clients to navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment to obtain permits for exploration and development of surface materials dispositions on both crown and private lands in Alberta.


We have provided environmental inspection services on many of the largest pipeline projects in Western Canada over the past decade. Our team of environmental professionals have worked on a combination of facility and mainline projects for both the project owners and the construction contractors.

Electrical Utility

Our team of environmental planners help clients to conduct pre-disturbance site assessments needed to prepare the wide range of regulatory documents needed to secure approvals to construct new powerlines in the province.


We help our forest industry clients obtain regulatory approvals for all of their public lands dispositions, whether it be for a haul road, log storage yard, gravel pit, or their mill site.

Experienced and Trusted

For 12 years clients have trusted us to consistently deliver high-quality service and cost effective solutions.

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