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We provide clients with GIS expertise and responsive service, delivering critical, timely geospatial information so they can make informed decisions more effectively.

We have a team of professional GIS analysts, programmers and technicians providing full-service geospatial solutions to a wide range of industrial, First Nations and government clients.

GIS Consulting Services

Spatial data describes an extensive range of elements or business assets – e.g. roads, terrain, infrastructure, hydrology or ecosystems. A spatial data management system maximizes the value of GIS, enabling managers to make quicker and more confident decisions.

Our team can maintain the integrity of your spatial data with a consistent and accurate file system that centralizes information, metadata and data sources. This enables easy accessibility, customization and streamlined data production so you can have maps made faster, cheaper, and more accurate.

Our team is highly experienced with organizing and structuring data, system integration, and system architecture and design.
We have strict policies around data security and client confidentiality, ensuring your data remains your data – and no one else’s.

Our GIS expertise allows us to overlay various data sets to assess, understand, question, interpret and visualize spatial data. This enhances insight into relationships, patterns and trends, making wise and well-informed decisions, based on data, not hunches.
Your spatial data has so much more potential than simply creating maps! Spatial data analysis answers our clients’ most critical questions, ultimately improving resource allocation and planning, facilitating management of natural resources, enhancing communications and yielding extensive cost savings.

Increasingly our clients are using spatial data analysis to gain insights into additional areas of their business —increasing efficiencies and generating higher returns.

Our experienced team analyzes geospatial data to assess the suitability of a location for a particular industrial use; how environmental or other factors change over time; or the impact of development on traditional land use.
We can help you answers your complex questions about:

• Suitability analysis
• Change analysis
• Traditional land and water use
• Wildlife habitat
• Emergency response planning

An effective map conveys accurate information and communicates exactly what you need — and no more. Excellent maps are not only accurate and up to date, they clearly display the right information you need in the format that works best for your situation. Never again be on site with missing data or features, or overly complex or inaccurate maps.
We provide a full range of digital mapping services including:

• Regional basemaps
• 2 dimensional digitizing of orthophotos
• Planimetric maps
• Topographic maps
• Digital terrain models (DTM)
• Hard copy maps

We can also provide the base data and fill any gaps with custom datasets suited to your specific needs.
Traditional land and water use, wildlife habitat, gravel pits and emergency response plans are examples of our project experience. Commonly compiled features include access roads, transmission lines, pipelines, buildings, hydrology and vegetation cover.

LAT60’s custom built web mapping applications are designed to help you streamline important business processes. Our wide range of datasets are distilled down and paired
with custom applications that allow you to gain insight into the Alberta marketplace.

Project Planning

Explore data to enhance project planning capabilities. Designed to help project planners, estimators, and engineers access information that is relevant to industrial projects in Alberta.

Business Intelligence

Connecting suppliers and producers in all geographic areas of the province. Suppliers access information on the what, when, and where of proposed and active industrial projects. Service providers advertise in the Industrial Service Directory.

Health & Safety

Analyze hazards, plan for emergencies, and connect with health and safety infrastructure no matter how remote your projects are using the tools built into the Health and Safety Planner.


Alberta’s natural resources all-in-one map gives you a bird’s-eye-view of Alberta’s industry landscape. With LAT60explore, you get an up-to-date view of pipelines, powerlines, camps, medical facilities, bulk fuel stations, gravel pits, airstrips, forestry boundaries and offices, first nations boundaries and reservations, weigh stations, power stations, wildlife zones, restricted areas, township boundaries and more.

We help these sectors

Indigenous Communities

We are actively involved in the data collection, analysis, and ongoing management of our Indigenous client’s traditional land use and knowledge data. We can provide analysis and map products showing the historical patterns of industrial activity on traditional territories.


Working with our forest industry clients to manage the day to day operation of their GIS. This includes multiple facets of their GIS from the original collection of data in the field, to managing cutblocks through their lifecycle, and submitting spatial data to the regulator.


We have managed GIS data and prepared various map and data products on long term pipeline route selection and construction projects. This has included preparing different map products such as emergency response plans, club root locations, cross sections, watercourse plans, and construction progress maps.

Sand and Gravel

We support several sand and gravel clients by preparing map products to support their regulatory needs. These may be sketch plans, development plans, cross sections, or reclamation plans. We also help our clients by setting up new geodatabases to help them manage their spatial data within a GIS.


We work with a range of government agencies to manage their spatial data associated with specific programs that they provide. This includes creating spatial data, managing this data in geodatabases, preparing summaries, and providing map products.

Experienced and Trusted

For 12 years clients have trusted us to consistently deliver high-quality service and cost effective solutions.

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