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Valuing a Community

At Carson Integrated, we are firm believers in the value of a community – a thriving society is socially, environmentally, and economically beneficial for everyone.

We donate a portion of our profits to local, non-profit organizations that matter to our employees, customers, and community.

To date, Carson Integrated has made donations to the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory, the Slave Lake Forest Education Society, the Stollery Children’s Hospital, and the Slave Lake Municipal Library.

Indigenous Relationships

Carson Integrated believes that part of being a responsible business in Alberta’s natural resource sector involves maintaining strong relationships with Indigenous communities. We embrace that it is necessary to work closely with these communities to support environmental and social sustainability. As such, Carson Integrated has operated with several communities over the years. Our notable relationships have included the incorporation of a partnership with the Fort McKay Métis community, and a joint-venture opportunity with a member of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation.