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We are a team of professional planners, foresters, biologists, technologists, and consultants. Our knowledge and experience allow us to see the overall picture of your project, while attending to its every detail.


Lorne Carson

Lorne has over 20 years of experience working for industry clients across Western Canada. His background is comprised of strategic and operational planning, which he utilizes to ensure the successful integration of a project’s stakeholders. These stakeholders have included: trappers, general members of the public, Indigenous communities, other industrial users, forest tenure holders, and the Government of Alberta.

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Tara Jamison, P. Biol.
Environmental Manager

Tara is a professional biologist who has worked extensively on planning and reclamation projects in the upstream oil & gas, electrical utility, pipeline, sand & gravel, and forest industries in Alberta. Tara has in-depth knowledge of aquatic and watershed-related issues, and is a Qualified Wetland Science Practitioner.

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Nicole Shaposhnikov, QAES, CPESC
Environmental Planner

Nicole has extensive experience working in the upstream oil and gas, mining, and forestry industries in both Alberta and British Columbia.

Her specialties include: erosion and sediment control planning, wildlife and bird nesting surveys, environmental compliance monitoring, wetland classification and delineation, and pre-disturbance assessments.

While Nicole has worked on projects in a wide variety of settings, such as the Pacific coast and the high alpine, the boreal forest is her favorite natural region for conducting field work.

Alyssa Cloutier
Environmental Planner

Alyssa has experience working with governmental and not-for-profit organizations. She brings to Carson Integrated her expertise in the areas of invasive species management, plant identification, environmental education, and environmental program management in the Alberta Parkland Region.


Douglas Needham, RPFT
Planning Forester

Doug has been working in Alberta’s forest industry since 2008. He is a graduate from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and is a Registered Professional Forest Technologist (RPFT). Doug is well-versed in wildfire management, utility vegetation management, project management, contract management, and forestry planning.

Darcy Sulz, B.Sc.F., RPF
Planning Forester

Darcy has been a practicing Registered Forestry Professional (RFP) for 14 years, with experience as a GIS Specialist. In his role as a Forest Planner, he has been involved with the development of preliminary harvest plans, forest harvest plans, annual operating plans, and general development plans.

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Shelley Sulz
Land-Use Planner

Shelley is responsible for reviewing and approving land-use agreements; she is our go-to expert for acquiring compensation for the loss of forested land to other industrial users. Shelley works with multiple stakeholders to maintain land-use files, records, and all pertinent databases used to manage the land-use process.

Przemek (Shem) Tatarczak, RPFT
Planning Forester

Przemek has over 5 years of experience in Forestry and GIS/Remote Sensing. His experience includes: cutblocks and road layouts, waterbody classification, timber cruising, TSP/PSP measurements, and water monitoring. Przemek has a thorough understanding of spatial data, species inventory techniques, ecosite classification, and data collection.

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Colin Paranich, RPF
Planning Forester

Colin has been working in Alberta’s forest industry since 2010. He is a graduate from the University of Alberta’s Forestry Program and is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF). Colin is well-versed in wildfire management and mitigation, vegetation inventories, and reforestation activities.

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Mubarak Bidmus
GIS Analyst

Mubarak brings to our team his previous work experience as a Business Analyst and GIS Specialist in the public and private sectors.

His educational background includes a Bachelors Degree in Urban and Regional Planning as well as a Bachelors of Applied Technology in GIS.

If you see Mubarak around, feel free to say hi! He’s one of the friendliest people we know!

Mike Fricker
GIS Analyst

Mike has a GIS Technician Certificate and a Planning: Land Information Technology diploma. He has over 10 years of GIS experience in the geomatics, oil & gas, environmental, and forestry industries.

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Andreas Korsos
GIS Manager

Andreas has been a Professional Cartographer and Geographic Information Analyst for nearly thirty years. He has experience in a variety of mapping and GIS software packages. Andreas has participated in the research, design, application, and maintenance of spatial databases as it relates to the municipal, provincial, and natural resources sectors.

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Operational Support

Christine Rendle
Human Resources Administrator

Christine has a Human Resources Management diploma and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce. She provides general HR support and proactively leads the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of our HR systems and processes – all while promoting a culture of collaboration, positivity, and fun!

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Sherrie Laturnus
Administration Support

Sherrie has a diploma in Human Resource Management and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Commerce with Management and HR Majors. She has a diverse background which is reflected in her role at Carson Integrated.

Luke Collins, CPA ASA

Luke brings over 14 years of working in the insurance, hotel, banking, construction and accounting industries to the team. He has a BA in Accountancy, CPA ASA (Australia), and is QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified as well as is an Hubdoc Certified QBO ProAdvisor.

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